"JAYSONIK" by Jaywant Utpat : Dawn of Hand-based Electronic Percussion

Jaywant Utpat... He is an ace electronic musician. He is a disciple of legendary Tabla maestro Ustad Alla Rakha. He has introduced a new paradigm of electronic percussion to the Indian rhythm world. JAYSONIK… the first-of-its-kind electronic percussion medium, is created out of superior combination of Jaywant Utpat's percussion software genius and Roland's instrument "Handsonic".

In Indian "Taal Vadya" (i.e. percussion) universe, Jaywant Utpat is a pioneering musical genius of hand-based e-percussion. JAYSONIK is the ultimate implementation of Man, Machine and Music that has opened up numerous possibilities as how Indian percussion universe might get experimented and evaluated in future by its practitioners. It is now time to re-think about common issues like "machine-like-sounds", "lack-of-expressiveness", "side rhythm gadget" associated with e-percussion mediums. JAYSONIK happens to be an important breakthrough innovation. For the first time ever, wealth of electronic percussion is being unleashed to bring digital rhythms closer to acoustic rhythms of Indian sub-continent.

JAYSONIK is a unique innovation of decades and has paved way for a new creative landscape in Indian percussion domain. On back of abilities and fire-power to "express/speak/improvise" percussion language, intricately designed software instruments, rhythm flow control mechanism and intelligent application of digital sound engineering, JAYSONIK attempts to address performance complexities of Indian instruments under one roof.

In context to several centuries-old percussion history of India, JAYSONIK complements, and does not compete with ages-old music traditions passed on from one generation to the next. Possibly for the first time in Indian percussion music history, a talented percussionist like Jaywant Utpat has been successful to demonstrate flawless mastery, versatility and sophisticated use of electronic percussion.